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Toilet Features to Avoid

toiletYou spend at least one and a half years of your life on toilet. Many people use their moment on this throne to self reflect or read the contents of their air refresher. Regardless, purchasing the right toilet is very important and failing to do so can result in 20 years or more with a loud and uncomfortable toilet. If you’re thinking about purchasing a toilet in the near future, here are some features to avoid: Read More

Top Red Flags To Avoid When Hiring A Contractor

Top Red Flags To Avoid When Hiring A Contractor

home contractorSelecting a contractor can make or break the success of your home improvement project. It is important to do your research thoroughly before setting interviews. Selecting the wrong contractor can end up becoming a waste of your time and money. Before you end up with a remodeling horror experience, here are the top 12 red flags to avoid when hiring a contractor: Read More

4 Simple Ways to Add Light to Your Home

4 Simple Ways to Add Light to Your Home

light from windowWhat’s better than stepping outside and being greeted by a warm and sunny day? Being able to enjoy that same feeling in the comfort of your home. With modern architectural designs focusing more and more on making natural light a fundamental element, many people are looking to add light to their home without breaking the bank. Though it may sound like a daunting task, adding light to your home can be fairly simple. Enlighten yourself with these four simple tips and enjoy a brighter home. Read More

Home Repair Scams

Home Repair Scams lady frustrated over home remodeling bill

A home is one of the biggest investments one will make, so it pays to have a reliable contractor to perform any repairs or improvements. While a property owner can never be 100% certain of results, there are some tell-tale signs that a builder is less than reputable. These are the biggest. Read More

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