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3 Easy Ways to Make Your Home More Exotic

The design of a home is reflective of the people who live in it. Because personalities have many layers and quirks, the interior of a home should be just as diverse. Portraying your personality through your interior design is not an easy task. Things like spreading sports memorabilia throughout your living room, adding pictures of your favorite bands, or even a display case of figurines are all common methods of displaying who you are through your decor. Exotic materials and decorations can add even more personality to your living space and fill it with luxury. Even with a small budget, an exotic interior is possible. Whether you’re thinking about remodeling your entire home or just a few rooms, these are a few tips to help you get started.

Use Simple Furniture

Exotic home interiors are best when simple furniture is used. While a large carved piece of furniture can be an eye-catching complement to other pieces in your scheme, more than one of those pieces could give your interior a dated look. Furniture with a simple look and unique handles are best when trying to add an exotic feel to your home. Pay close attention to the construction of the pieces. Wood may have knots that are vulnerable to cracks. Try to avoid anything that is held together with nails or staples because those furniture pieces have a higher chance of falling apart.

Have a Natural Color Scheme

Color is the key ingredient in adding energy to a room. Finding the right color palette for your interior is often a difficult task. You may enjoy several colors, but it’s best to stick to neutrals Neutral colors like black, gray, and shades of white are always a popular choice for the primary color of a home’s interior. Not every wall, however, needs to be the same shade. Starting with the largest and most central room and working your way out is the least stressful way to determine a color scheme that works. Pay attention to which walls are most visible through doorways and focus on having them painted in complementary colors. An easy way of figuring out the color scheme throughout the house is to use lighter or darker shades of the color you select for the central room.

Include Prints

Wallpapers and fabrics with prints are ideal for adding interest to the interior of your home. While choosing prints, make sure that patterns do not repeat and balance the spacing between them. There should always be one thing that ties all of your prints together, whether it be a color or a shape. Bright colors are always a good choice in design. Because of the natural color scheme that you have already begun to use, don’t worry about large prints on rugs and wall art as it will complement the natural colors perfectly. Creating an exotic feel in your home can be complicated without some knowledge on color schemes, furniture, and home design practices. If you feel like you might need a little extra help, don’t be afraid to contact Quality Remodeling. We have years of remodeling experience and expertise ready to be utilized for your needs.

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