Tuck Pointing

Tuck Pointing

Over time walls built using masonry like stone or brick deteriorate due to weathering and erosion. However, the voids between the bricks, called the “pointing,” will wear down much quicker than the bricks themselves. The result is that, after several years, the bricks remain in relatively good condition while the material used to bind them together at the joints wears down. Holes begin to appear in the pointing as it continues to erode. As more and more holes appear, the process accelerates faster and faster because water enters the holes and strips away the pointing. The more holes you accumulate, the faster the erosion happens. Since the expected lifespan of a brick wall can be as long as 100 years, keeping the wall properly maintained is critical. The best and most permanent way of preventing erosion from getting out of hand is by repointing the wall.

The process of repointing is relatively simple and has the added advantage of making your masonry look newer. Repointing is essentially just a process of repairing and replacing the material between the masonry that was lost due to erosion. Usually this material is a type of mortar. Once the holes have been filled and all the material replaced, walls that have been repointed typically have a much newer appearance because most of the deterioration has been corrected. As a result, many homeowners not only do repointing to their walls as a maintenance measure, but they also do it for aesthetic purposes or as part of a larger remodeling project.

Quality Remodeling Inc. has been working with masonry for decades either building, repairing, or replacing it. Our determination to achieve the best possible results every time is the reason for our company’s success. As the definitive Chicago tuck pointing experts, you can be sure your masonry will look beautiful when we complete our work on it. If your masonry needs maintenance or you’d simply like to improve its aesthetic appearance, contact us today for a quote.

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