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Top Red Flags To Avoid When Hiring A Contractor

home contractorSelecting a contractor can make or break the success of your home improvement project. It is important to do your research thoroughly before setting interviews. Selecting the wrong contractor can end up becoming a waste of your time and money. Before you end up with a remodeling horror experience, here are the top 12 red flags to avoid when hiring a contractor:
  1. Contractor is unwilling to provide their business street address or is unable to show their current license to do the work you require
  2. Lacks proof of insurance for business liability purposes.
  3. Cannot show information about their workers’ compensation insurance for employees.
  4. Requires the client to pull building permits in their name instead of that of the business.
  5. Contractor is unwilling to provide a list of previously complete projects.
  6. Provides no references to other contractors, workers, or clients.
  7. No website, or online presence which usually equates to no customer reviews.
  8. Required cash up front and will not budge on the idea to collect after project is compete.
  9. Asks for checks to be make out to someone else or under another business name other than that of the current business.
  10. Provides questionable low pricing as compared to that of other remodeling firms.
  11. Does not provide a written contract.
  12. Does not provide a definitive price. (Usually a sign you’re spend more as time progresses)
  13. Contractor refuses to do a face to face interview at the business or at the location of one of their previous projects. Their unwillingness to meet you in person may be a sign of things to come.
Before you sign any contact, be sure to go through these points with your candidates. If the contractor raises an issue with any of the thirteen points above, he should be removed from consideration. A bad contractor can leave you with an unfinished project, massive amounts of debt, and no proper legal footing to press charges. In addition, you will then have to look for a new contractor and spend more money to fix previous mistakes before accomplishing what you wanted in the first place. If you live in the Chicago area and are preparing for your next home remodeling project, our skilled professionals at Quality Remodeling Inc. are ready to help. Contact us online or give us a call at 773-509-0200 for a free estimate.

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