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Top 3 Celebrity Kitchens Worth Emulating

It’s no secret that celebrities, more often than not, have the most immaculate kitchens. While everyone should always choose and design a kitchen that matches their personal style preferences, there is certainly nothing wrong with looking at the kitchens of various celebrities. They can help you decide how you would like to decorate your own kitchen. Here is a look at some impeccable celebrity kitchens worth imitating.

 Alec Baldwin

This list starts with the kitchen of Alec Baldwin and his wife Hilaria. Together, the two have come up with a kitchen that is bright and open thanks to the clean, crisp use of white throughout the design. They have opted for a more modern-styled kitchen as well, which makes the whole as area feel fresh. Furthermore, their use of fun accents like bar-style stools make their kitchen appear welcoming. This keeps it from being so overly stylish that it feels uncomfortable. In terms of style and usability, they have really hit the mark by mixing fun accents with classic and popular stylistic elements.

Michael Bay

Actor Michael Bay is another celeb who has really hit the “style mark” when it comes to his kitchen. Perhaps the most notable feature of his kitchen design is the limestone tiled walls. Tile is always a bold choice for walls, but he has made the appropriate choice of dialing this style down by using a neutral, basic color. Thus, the tiles stand out enough stylistically but don’t overwhelm the whole kitchen. It’s style meets practicality, which may be exactly what you want in your kitchen.

Jonny Buckland

One final celeb kitchen worth mentioning is that of actor Jonny Buckland. He has crafted a kitchen that is particularly outstanding for its custom made island. The island combined with the soapstone countertops screams style while being highly functional. Anyone who wants an actual working kitchen without sacrificing style would do well to follow the no-nonsense style of Jonny Buckland’s. Obviously, celebrities and their kitchens can offer a lot of style inspiration, so people can use them as impetus to design their own kitchens. Quality remodeling has experience working in the Chicago area and can craft the kitchen you’ve always dreamed of. Contact us today to discuss your remodeling desires.

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