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Top 3 Kitchen Appliance Trends

The kitchen has always been one of the major focal points of the home, next to the living and dining room. It is often referred to as the “heart of the home” as it is usually the main gathering area, and the place where the family gets together to prepare holiday meals and delectable concoctions. Whether you are keen to cuisine or just enjoy the aesthetics of a well-designed kitchen, keep these kitchen appliance trends in mind when remodeling your favorite space.

Retro Designs

The idea of vintage or retro anything has caught on in recent years. Everything from clothing to cars to homes have been getting a retro touch lately, and kitchen appliances are no exception. In the past, anyone in search of retro appliances would have to locate a personal reseller and hope the appliance is usable and in good condition.

Companies such as Big Chill have officially brought retro back. Their company brandishes products that resemble those of the early to mid 1900s and have been a big hit for retro appliance seekers. Maybe the best part for consumers is that the only thing retro about the appliances are their physical appearance. Their interior designs and functionalities are completely modern, providing consumers with the best of both worlds.

Synced Appliances

You can sync your laptop to your tablet, your tablet to your TV, and your TV to your phone, so why not your kitchen appliances as well? Now you can. Many companies are releasing fridges that can take a picture of its contents and send you the picture while you’re grocery shopping. There are even ovens and microwaves that can operate via Bluetooth and use sensors to turn on lights and lower the heat when necessary. Such innovations have forever changed how we look at kitchen appliances and can be the upgrade you need to take your kitchen to new levels.

Touch Screen Controls

Touch screen has officially taken over the cell phone industry and is popping up everywhere else like in laptops and cars. Kitchen appliances are no exclusion. You can now turn on your oven with a simple tap and change the temperature with a majestic swipe of your finger. This technology is evident throughout all modern kitchen appliances and continues to bring kitchens around the world into the digital age.  

What are updated appliances if you do not have a kitchen to match it? Keep it retro and add stained glass and shell tile to your kitchen, or make it modern and add more steel and metal structures — the choice is completely yours! Quality Remodeling can bring your home remodeling ideas to life. We can completely redo your kitchen from the ground up so you can have the kitchen you’ve always dreamed of. Contact us today at (773) 509-0200 to schedule an estimate.

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