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Lake Bluff, IL Remodeling Company for Every Type of Home Project.  Reach Us at (773)509-0200 to Speak With One of Our Experts Today!

Serving the greater suburban areas of Chicago, Quality Remodeling Inc is a home remodeling contracting company dedicated to repairing and rebuilding homes so that they meet customer satisfaction. The contractors and workers of Quality Remodeling Inc are highly qualified and experienced individuals who have been remodeling homes for years, and have become a reputable company in the greater Chicago area. People who live in the Lake Bluff, IL area can also be served by Quality Remodeling, and it doesn’t matter what project needs to be done, Quality Remodeling responds to all customer inquiries and can give estimates for a variety of large home projects.

Interior remodeling projects could range from a variety of needs, such as repainting rooms, resurfacing floors, redoing walls or infrastructure work, to even adding a basement or expanding a home. Quality Remodeling can do it all, whether it’s a short term project or a massive overhaul of a home’s interior. Quality Remodeling keeps their customers in the loop to let them know what the time frame will be for a major interior project, so they can plan accordingly, and they will be promptly notified if there are any major setbacks.

Exterior projects such as building a patio, porch, deck, siding, roofing and installing rain gutters are also projects that often need to be done with remodeling. These kinds of jobs need to be done just right with strong and durable material so that homes are protected against the elements. Quality Remodeling Inc has worked with all kinds of materials from vinyl, aluminum, wood, and brick sidings, to shingles, stainless steel and other kinds of roofs. Quality Remodeling Inc can visit a home, get the measurements, and offer a fair and honest quote for the job that needs to be done.

Quality Remodeling Inc is also fully certified and licensed by the City of Chicago and the State of Illinois, and their work is fully compliant with all local laws and safety regulations.

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  • Suburban North & Northwest
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