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Quality Remodeling Has Done Kitchen, Basement, and Bathroom, Remodeling In Gold Coast For Decades

Quality Remodeling Inc. was been in existence since 1989 and brings together more than fifty years of experience from the owners, Gil Pozin and Scot Igra. This experience is now available for residents of the Gold Coast looking to remodel their property or help customers with a special project that requires the skills of a general contractor. Quality Remodeling is well-know all over Illinois and the Chicago area for it’s attention to detail, craftsmanship, and service. Gil Pozin has been involved in the construction industry since beginning work for his father, Gerald in 1973. A legend of the construction industry, Gerald Pozin worked in construction from the 1950s until his death in 2005, whilst working with his father, Gil met Scot, who began working with the father and son in 1986. Both Gil and Scot believe the best form of advertising is word of mouth, and even in this digital age the majority of their customers are still sourced from referrals and repeat customers on the Gold Coast. Both Gil and Scot believe the best approach is to provide each and every customer with a personal service, which offers residents of the Gold Coast exactly what they need on budget and within a reasonable time frame. As it turns out, most of Quality Remodeling’s clients are either repeat customers or customer referrals. These experienced professionals in the construction industry understand that the majority of their customers come from word of mouth referrals and know the word of their customers is important. Whether a customer is returning with a new project that will add to the quality and overall appearance of their Gold Coast home, or a new customer, they will be treated in exactly the same way. The owners are constantly involved in the projects the company undertakes and strive to ensure the requirements of each customer are understood to keep each and every customer happy with their completed Gold Coast project. If you are a Gold Coast resident and you are looking to remodel your home, contact Quality Remodeling. We’re the best Gold Coast home remodeling company around. We’ll make your dream home a reality.

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