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Dormers are an excellent design element for homes with a second floor because they are both visually appealing and practically functional. A dormer is essentially a window that protrudes out from the roof of a house in order to use the space created to expand the room inside. Dormers are a very common feature in many homes around Chicago and it’s surrounding suburbs. However, what many homeowners fail to realize is that they can be added to an already existing home. Many homeowners choose to add dormers to their homes for a variety of reasons. For example, a dormer can be used to substantially expand a 2nd floor room in a home. In fact, dormers are one of the most common techniques used to expand 2nd floor rooms. They allow rooms to have a better view of the outside and they are very visually appealing form the exterior if done correctly.

A dormer can act as an excellent source of light and ventilation for top floors and recover the headroom that a sloped roof would take away. Many different styles of dormers exist. As a result, almost any home can look better by adding a dormer that pairs well with the design of the house. Some of the many options include, flat roof dormers, gable fronted dormers, hip roof dormers, shed dormers, and more.

Having operated in and around Chicago for several decades, Quality Remodeling Inc. is very familiar with the architecture and design of homes in the area. Therefore, we are able to provide the best recommendations as to which type of dormer would look good with your home. In addition, our decades of experience and our dedication to quality also mean you can safely expect us to do the best remodeling work possible. If you are interested in adding a dormer to your home, contact us today for a quote.

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