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Are Remodeling Shows Realistic?

Many people love watching home renovation shows. However, it is important to note that a lot of things that you see on television are not real. If you are thinking about renovating your home, then it is important to separate fantasy from reality.

Home Renovation Projects Often Have Setbacks

On television, everything seems to go right from start to finish. The plans are done before the camera turns on, which is why you do not see a lot of the work that goes on. There is no such thing as a perfect home renovation project. Things rarely go exactly as planned.

Changing Layouts, Flooring and Finishes can Make the Home Look Better

This is something that you often see on television, and it is actually true. Replacing the old wallpaper and changing the floor tile can make a major difference.

Contractors are not Always Able to get Things Done by the Deadline

On television, everything is finished by the deadline. However, this is something that rarely happens in real life. Your contractor is likely working on several other home improvement projects at once. This is why it is rare for everything to be completed on time.

Home Renovation can Take Several Months to Complete

On television, a home renovation is completed in as fast as a week. That is not realistic. In fact, most home renovation projects may take longer than 60 days. The contractor and the homeowner have to come up with a timetable for completing projects. There are also inspections required. That is why there may be multiple delays.

You Need to Make Multiple Trips to the Store

People on television can often get all of the materials they need in one trip to the store. In all actuality, you will likely have to make several trips to the store before you get everything that you need for your remodeling project. Remodeling shows may not be realistic but our services are. Quality Remodeling has experience reconstructing Chicago homes and can work with you to create the home you always dreamed of. Contact us today to discuss your home remodeling needs.

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